Wishing All A Funny New Year!

Jay Cole image

Humor is our most enjoyable form of truth.

Many of us celebrate the New Year holiday, as of old, regarding it as a time of renewal. We wish to look forward to future accomplishments rather than look back at another year bygone.

Fair enough.

Thoughtful planning is vital to your proposed accomplishments in the coming year. However, along with new goals and a glance or two backwards, the New Year offers us an opportunity to remind ourselves of thoughts more basic—personal insights if you will.

We all learn, we all grow, and hopefully we all become better human beings with each passing year. At this time of renewal, reminding ourselves of these personal insights (Yes, a bit of introspection.) helps us to realize that the intangible is as much of an accomplishment as the completed manuscript which we can hold in our hand. I would like to share (or, perhaps reemphasize) one tiny, tiny, little New Year’s insight-reminder for writers:

Humor is a craft, (like all writing) that you have learned, are learning, and will learn with each passing day.

Momentous? Perhaps not.

However, your desire to share a smile or a laugh with your readers, although intangible, enhances this human experience that we all share. Your desire to improve your craft is indeed noble. If you could only hold that accomplishment in your hand…

I wish you all a happy and more humorous New Year!

Jay Cole


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