Book Reviews

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The Urban Legion 01The Urban Legion

By: Dave Agans

Can a New Age food critic battle the evil forces of runaway corporate greed? Put your tongue firmly in cheek and find out!


Cover Image: BullwhackedBullwhacked

By: Cathy Cohen

Can Cooper Lydell find his missing son? Possibly, but finding him won’t be easy when someone on the rodeo circuit wants Cooper dead.


Cover Image: The Gods of MarsThe Gods of Mars

By: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Another entry of the Barsoom Series featuring John Carter. Classic sci-fi at its best.


Cover Image: Diary of a StrangerDiary of a Stranger

By: Remesh R.

A rudderless character philosophizes his way through his confusing existence. Satire with bits of humor.


Cover Image: Deadly MessengersDeadly Messengers

By: Susan May

What is turning ordinary people into psychotic killers,
and can reporter Kendall Jennings find the truth?


Cover image: Our DorisOur Doris
By: Charles Heathcote

This book is sprinkled with moments that might literally choke
you with laughter!


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