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by Kathy Cohen

Cover Image: BullwhackedCooper Lydell’s son is literally seduced away, disappearing right before Cooper’s eyes. You’d think finding him would be easy for Cooper, and it probably would be if people would stop trying to kill him.

My feelings on this book were a little tough to sort out.

On the one hand, the only lol moment for me was an author’s error. The mystery is not deep or involved; the main character, Cooper Lydell, tends toward the inept both as a detective and in his personal life, and the story resolution has slight shades of deus ex machina creeping across the page. At times, this book had me wondering if it was indeed either a comedy or a mystery.

On the other hand… I enjoyed the hell out of this one!
Go figure!

Bullwhacked is a nice, light romp through the rodeo circuit with a cast of characters that one would find in a bar with sawdust on the floor and callused hands dipping into bowls of boiled peanuts. If you happen to be ex-military, you may feel just a touch of déjà vu, because you’ve met boys like these before, and likely, shared a beer or a brawl with them at one time or another. Characters like these are simply enjoyable.

Bullwhacked is not a great mystery or a great comedy, but somehow, if you happen to have the right mindset, you’ll realize that Kathy Cohen had dished up some great fun.

Rated: Three stars


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