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The Gods of Mars
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Cover Image: The Gods of Mars

The Gods of Mars is the exact opposite of Chick Lit. It is 100% pure escapist fantasy for men, the literary equivalent of quaffing cold beer and eating a steak burrito in a seat on the 50-yard line of the Super Bowl! The men are fearless, chivalrous and heroic; the women are beautiful, sensual and devoted; and the situation is always dire with victory available only to the most daring. Delicious!
This is the second book in the Barsoom Series; Barsoom being the native name given to Mars. I first read Burroughs’ Barsoom novels as a teenager, and I will occasionally drag one out when escapism seems necessary and virtuous. While there are several authors that fulfill this need, such as C. S. Forester with his Hornblower Series, Burroughs remains a top choice.
John Carter, an Earthman transported to Mars, is almost Superman strong, fast and agile in the lesser gravity of the red planet. On this, his second visit to this strange and wonderful world, he is immediately immersed in battle to save his friend, the green Marian Tars Tarkas from an attack by hideous creatures of the Valley Dor. The pair then navigate a perilous escape from malevolent villains: the Therns, a race of religious zealots, and the First Born—the infamous Black Pirates of Barsoom—in order to win their freedom.
Returning to his Martian home, Helium, Carter finds his beloved Martian wife, the incomparable princess, Dejah Thoris, has been captured by the very villains which he has so recently escaped. Add swordplay the like of which has never been seen on this Earth, some political intrigue, a looming death sentence, and a massive airship battle to round out this phenomenally entertaining swashbuckler.
The Gods of Mars is the perfect fantasy. While engrossed in this book, the reader has not a care, except where to find the next book in the series.
Rating: Five Stars

Available here.


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