Books by Jay Cole

Book Cover imageXenomorph noun – alien

Tony Sterling had a great life, working on Wall Street and living on Park Avenue, then he met Larry Xenomorph!
“I can’t pronounce his real name without giving myself a hernia,
so I call him Larry.”

Tony had never before experienced a severe shock, certainly nothing like the shock of an alien abduction. Then, an ER doctor introduces him to a hypodermic needle that would calm a charging rhino, and he wakes up in the mental health wing of Sunny Park Hospital.
“Doc, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is I’m

If you’re talking to aliens, you’re crazy, but if it’s true, how do you convince your fabulously beautiful psychiatrist that reality is indeed stranger than science fiction. And by the way, would she consider a romantic dinner with a wealthy, charming and thoroughly infatuated mental patient?
“You need a really great pickup line when you’re wearing a straitjacket.”

Romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist!
Get Your Copy of: Conversations with Larry Xenomorph

Cover image

Sexual Evolution!

Technology has finally replaced sex, and society has indeed gone MAD! Almost all marriages are now arranged by the dreaded Federal Marriage Bureau.
“Nothing quite says romance like an entrenched government

Sports club owner, Peter Kurloff receives a summons from the Federal Marriage Bureau. Fortunately, Peter has the support of his best friend, wise master chef, Tran, the self-proclaimed “Nastiest Vietnamese to Ever Live.”
“You’ll just spout a bunch of cheap Oriental philosophy.”
“I’m naturalized. I now have cheap American philosophy.”

Brilliant financial analyst, Carley Harper falls for Peter and it fuels her innate insecurity with all things personal. Should she ask her friends what they look for in a relationship?
“He treats me nice, and I get free dry cleaning.”

Our social dynamic is turned upside down. You can run. You can panic. Or you can bravely laugh as you face the coming Sexual Evolution!

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…and more soon!


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