Review Policy

Consider the usual platitudes and apologies for only being one person as already given. That being the case, I have to set some reasonable limits…and here they are:
I will review:

  1. Humorous novels – Think Vonnegut, Adams, Twain, Dave Barry, etc. Wit, the clever turn of phrase, astute observations, and unique viewpoints—everything from irony to the truly absurd appeals to me. Gross-out gags do not.
  2. Romantic Comedy – The stress is on the comedy.
  3. The occasional joke book – This assumes that it’s mostly original material.
  4. The occasional sci-fi, thriller-suspense, or action-adventure. I’m a guy; deal with it.
  5. The occasional mystery.
  6. Other genres on a case-by-case basis.

I will not review:

  1. Horror – It scares me.
  2. YA or children’s literature – I try to remember that most children are not mine, but they still scare me also.
  3. Fantasy – Although I have made some exceptions in the past. If it’s just standard elves, dragons, swords and sorcery, probably not.
  4. Romance – Don’t need to read about other people’s Saturday nights when I have my own.
  5. Erotica – Ibid.
  6. Non-fiction – Books on the craft of writing excepted.
  7. Crime – Fiction or non-fiction. Dial 911 for the latter.

Formats: Paperback, PDF, mobi or azw (Kindle)

Send requests to:
Please use the subject line: Review request: title, genre
My criteria: I have to feel that I can do a fair and honest job on your book review. That’s pretty much it, and I’m sorry that that is so subjective. If your review request is interesting and well-crafted, I will consider your book for review. However, all decisions on this end of the email are final. Whether my decision is yay or nay, it’s a decision, not the opening salvo in a negotiation. I’m also going to assume that I don’t have to remind people not to send me an email every two days asking for updates on your review, or any of the other usual bad-form behaviors. Let’s leave it at that.

I generally have four or five books waiting to be read, so allow several weeks to a month before expecting a review. No one will get an immediate review, and with my usual workload, which fluctuates between heavy and impossible, I rarely get through more than one book a week.


  1. Humorous novels will always be first priority.
  2. I don’t mind the occasional well-edited Beta copy, but raw, unedited material will be refused.
  3. This is a polite offer to assist a fellow author with an honest review. Those who are equally courteous will be appreciated, and welcomed on future review requests.
  4. And, if you were smart enough to read all the way to the bottom of the page, here’s your reward: Review requests with an attached PDF of the first five pages of your book will be given preferential treatment.
That’s all, folks.



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